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Hello my name is Nikki and I have been blogging since March 2013. The main area of interest for me is plus size fashion and style. I decided to start my blog after being inspired by so many fabulous plus size bloggers.

My aim is to inspire others to dress for themselves and tear up up the fashion rules!

I am now in my forties and as well as blogging I work full time as senior admin assistant, and I am mum to a ten year old son

If you would like to contact me to discuss anything blog related please feel free to email me
nikki0621 at


  1. I just found you last night through tumblr! It's super exciting to find other plus size bloggers in their 30s!! So many seem to be early 20's, and, as much as I love what a lot of them are doing, it is great to find someone closer to my age (and our measurements are scary close, Haha!)

    so basically what I'm saying is, Pleased to meet you!


    1. Sorry I meant to reply to this before, I have been checked out your blog and I love it so nice to meet you too!! x


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