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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Outfit August 2017 Day Twenty

Hello and apologies for the radio silence, after getting off to such a good start I suffered a confidence wobble, and this unfortunately led me to not wanting to blog.

I picked myself up and dusted myself off yesterday as we went out for the day to Hanbury Hall and took some photos of what I was wearing. Now I will be honest and say I still don't feel 💯 I think some of this is stemming from seeing my new headshot for my works website which I really don't like and it has set me off on a path of doubting myself. I'm hoping that once my hair has been cut (hopefully next week) that I might feel a bit better as when my hair is annoying me it drags me down!

Anyway enough of that time to get on with the outfit!

My dress is about two years old and was a good Ebay find! It came from China and was if I remember rightly about £7 and I like it so much I bought another one in green. The jacket is from New Look but I bought it from another blogger, the bag is Cath Kidston my trainers are Primark!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies also taking part.



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