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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

31 Outfits of May Day Two

Hello and welcome to day two of 31 Outfits of May and today's outfit is an oldie but with a new twist!

To be fair most of you will have seen this dress on the blog at least once as I wear it a lot, but this time I have teamed it up with my new ladybird cardigan- why yes I have ladybirds on my cardigan!

The dress is of course an old Simply Be one and probably one of the comfiest items of clothing in my wardrobe and I shall be devastated on the day it finally gives up and goes to fashion heaven.

The cardigan is from Primark which to be fair is where most of my cardigans come from (I am a cardigan addict) and I am so in love with it! The necklace was 99p from Ebay and my shoes are from New Look last year.

I always think you can tell how happy an outfit makes me by how many photos I take or how I appear in them!

Yes my hair is pink!!


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