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Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Body Shop Birmingham Cocktails and Facials Event

I was lucky enough to be invited along to The Body Shop Birmingham Cocktails and Facials Event which was organised by the Bloggers Parlour.

Having never been to one of their events before and this being more beauty focused I had no idea what to expect!

The night was really well organised by Abbigayle which started off with us finding the person who had the matching Body Shop product on their lanyard and taking a selfie together which was a great ice breaker.

I was paired with the lovely Sassy Fahion Rudy who as you can see from the selfie I took is stunning!

After that we were divided into two teams to play a celebrity version of charades where you had to guess the name of the celeb by being given one word clues! After this we had to match the celebrity to the Body Shop product that they had endorsed which proved much harder than you would think!!

Our next game was to pick spring products and lay them out as you would to take a photo on your blog. I nabbed some products and a prop from one the displays and set to work!

It was then onto cocktail making time!!

I decided to name my cocktail Bloggy McBlog alas my choice of name didn't win!!!

The final part of the evening the Body Shop staff took over and if you wanted you could have a facial or skincare advice, sadly I didn't have time to partake in this as I had to head off home but watching the action the facials looked amazing!

It was a lovely night and a great chance to meet other local Birmingham bloggers. It was also lovely to be able to attend a local event and if like me you are Brum or West Midlands based I would recommend signing up to the Bloggers Parlour as they have more events planned for this year.

It just leaves me to say thank you to The Body Shop and The Bloggers Parlour for a fab evening!


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