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Sunday, 1 May 2016

31 Dresses of May Day One

Hello and welcome to day one of a new month long blogging challenge that will hopefully see me post a different dress on the blog everyday during the month of May!

The reasoning behind this challenge is to make me dig deep in wardrobe and wear more of what I own. I am also embarking on a spending ban (essential items are still allowed to be purchased) as I need to save money and curb my spending habits.

There will be a mixture of old and new outfits on the blog over the next month as I have some dresses that were bought earlier in the year which haven't made it onto the blog yet.

I really hope that I can complete the challenge and fingers crossed for warmer weather as the month progresses which should allow me to start wearing some of my summer dresses.

Today's post is a bit of cheat as I also wanted to share my new coat with you all which I bought in the New Look sale last month before I imposed the spending ban. It was reduced from £32.99 to £16.99 and I desperately needed a new lighter weight coat to wear to work.

Husband and I went for a stroll through the park this morning so I took the opportunity to grab some photos.

My only gripe with this coat is the sleeves are rather big but the it means I can wear thicker tops underneath and still have room. I have worn it to work and for a blogger event and it has been really comfy (apart from the first day I wore it and got snowed on!!).

I do indeed have a dress on underneath which is my old faithful Simply Be denim smock dress which I must wear at least once a week!

Sadly this dress is now only on Crazy Clearance in very limited sizes but it may also be worth checking Ebay.

Outfit details
Coat New Look
Dress Simply Be  Link to Crazy Clearance
Trainers via Lolly's blog sale
Scarf Primark (present from my sister in law)

If anyone wants to join in with this challenge during the month of may then please let me know.


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