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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Vixen Curves Harness Bra

As someone who is rather blessed in the boob department I very rarely get to partake in any boob related fashion (lets face it even bras are a nightmare at my size!). Pretty lace bralets nope, slinky sexy bras nope, but finally my prayers have been answered and there is a boob fashion I can join in with!!

Harness Bras which are now becoming more and more popular are something that thanks to Vixen Curves I can now enjoy!! I first became aware of the company via Instagram and the more I saw the more I wanted one, so I took the plunge and treated myself to the Vixen Harness Bra for a mere £10.00. 

The bras are super stretchy and even with my 38K boobs the fit is amazing and great for when I want to add something extra to my outfit.

For me this one gave my cleavage a bit of extra oomph and was really comfortable to wear with no digging in from the straps and plenty of give in the elastic. 

I love the whole ethos behind the company who are passionate about giving plus size women products that actually fit a huge range of bodies. I also love their Instagram feed which is full of happy customers (including me!!) and it just oozes body positivity. 

I already have my eye on the Midnight Amber Harness as my next purchase and I love that finally I can join in with boob fashion!!!!

Have you tried one yet?


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