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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Denim Dilemmas with Jacamo*

Jeans we all love them (well most of us do) but they can be one of the most frustrating things to buy, so when you do finally find some you love it can be hard to say goodbye to that old faithful pair even when there is a rip so large your underwear is on show!

My husband is terrible when it comes to shopping he is the kind of man who goes once a year buys a load of stuff and that is it. He currently owns two pairs of jeans which if I'm honest have seen better days but due to his height (he is 5' 4") he struggles to find pairs which fit.

Jacamo have come up with some ideas to help men move on and say goodbye to that old pair of jeans which have come to the end of their life and find a new pair which they will love just as much!

I know that when it comes to jeans my husband is a fussy one and he prefers a looser fit as it is more comfortable for him to wear. As they are a staple of his wardrobe he also likes ones that can be worn for a casual look but also dressed up with a smart jacket when he wants something a bit different.

Label J Arc Jeans
Getting the right length is essential, he has ended up over the years with frayed jeans as they are too long but Jacamo has a great range of leg lengths making it much easier to get the right fit for him.

Mr S in all his glory (yes I know he bears a passing resemblance to Simon Pegg!) in his jeans which he has owned for years and years!!!

So if the man in your life is need of some new jeans then send him over to Jacamo they are sure to be able to sort him out!!!


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