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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lindy Bop Matilda Dress OOTD

Hello I am back with a new outfit post- yes I know it has been awhile but unfortunately my day job has been rather busy again leaving me little time to blog.

After Christmas Lindy Bop had quite the sale and I ended up buying three dresses (shhh don't tell anyone!) and so today I am sharing the first of the three.

Before this I had only tried Lindy Bop one before but the dress I ordered didn't fit and for some reason I never thought to go back and try them again until the sale started!

This is the Matilda dress which I picked up for £15 in the sale, sadly it is no longer on the site in this print but there is a lovely candy stripe version at the moment.
I sized up to a 26 as the top buttons up and I didn't think a 24 would fit my bust, the only problem I have with that is the arm holes are a bit large but I think with a quick stitch I could fix that.
The biggest selling point of this dress it has pockets- yes pockets and by now I'm sure you all know how happy that makes me! It comes with a matching fabric belt which I am pleased to say fits really well and cinches the dress in nicely. The skirt is very full so still looks good without a petticoat but for the full vintage look you could wear one.

I have worn this dress a few times since buying it and received loads of compliments, I find it really comfortable to wear and I look forward to the summer as I think it will be lovely and cool on a hot day.

Have you tried anything from Lindy Bop?

Dress Lindy Bop
Cardigan Primark
Trainers Via Lolly Likes Blog Sale
Tardis Necklace via Love Swap


Friday, 19 February 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous- February Edition

Welcome to this months edition of Plus 40 Fabulous and the theme for this month is what makes us happy.

I love my family and coming home from work to Mr S, Oliver and Bonnie the cat makes me smile everyday. When I first started blogging Mr S was the one encouraging me to keep going and has supported me all the way. I love the fact he will text me to see how I am during the day or bring me a cup of tea in bed!
I know I am biased but Oliver is lovely when I was ill before Christmas and came home from work in a state he rushed off to find me a blanket and gave me a hug!
Mr S and Oliver are like two peas in a pod!!!

Bonnie who has now really settled in

Nothing makes me happier than a family get together with my parents, brother and sister in law and my niece and nephew. I have fantastic parents who have supported me throughout my life and let me choose my own path.
My lovely mum

Oliver and his cousins

Paying the bills!
I know that sounds odd but bear with me- about a year and a half ago Mr S was made redundant from the only job he had ever known, which meant I was suddenly the breadwinner of the family and quite honestly terrified. I really didn't think we would cope on one income and I was worried that the pressure would be too much. Fast forward to Feb 2016 and my fears were unfounded we have paid the mortgage and all the bills every month and we have food in the fridge! When the unexpected happens it makes you appreciate everything you have and for me that is having a roof over my head and food in the fridge.

The best thing that blogging has brought me is friends, and although most of them are scattered throughout the country whenever we get the chance to meet it feels like I have known them all of my life.

The day that blogging no longer makes me happy is the day I have to stop but until then I shall continue to love my little corner of the internet!

Video Games
I have been a fan of gaming since the day my dad brought home a ZX Spectrum! When I want some downtime I immerse myself in a good game! My current favourite is Lego Marvel!

I am one of those people who will binge watch whole series on Netflix and if I really like something I will watch it over and over! I still re-watch West Wing, Twin Peaks, Buffy, Doctor Who, X Files and Parks and Rec-(mainly the last one as I like to swoon over Adam Scott).

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Love Swap 2016

With February being the month of love, the lovely Sophie from Busy Little Fee thought it would be a great idea to do a love swap gift exchange!
The budget was set at £10 and we were all randomly assigned a person to buy for in secret, so I sent of my parcel and eagerly awaited for my gift to arrive from my mystery sender!!

My arrived earlier this week and I kept it wrapped up until I sat down to film my video!

If you want to see what I received (which was awesome by the way- thank you mystery gift sender!!) then please click on the video below!!

Also don't forget to check out the other fabulous ladies to see what gifts they received!
Here are the other ladies taking part


Since filming this video I know now that the lovely Tanya was my mystery gift sender!


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Make Up Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer

I make no secret of the fact that I love Make Up Revolution so when I was in Superdrug the other week of course I had to look and see what they had!! I decided to try one of the Salvation Lip Lacquers as I have been experimenting with different lipsticks just lately and I liked the look of these.

At £3 these don't break the bank and come in an array of delicious colours, I opted to try the Velvet Vamp as I fancied a darker colour. It goes on like a lipgloss but then dries to a matte finish, which at first I found strange but after a while I got used to it. As it dries so matte I found it was far longer lasting than I am normally used to and the only thing that really budged it was when I ate a jam doughnut!! My only slight quibble was that when it started to wear off it left me with a line of colour on the outer edges of my lips so I either needed to re-apply or take it off!

You can see from this photo that my application could have been better! I think in future I will add some balm to my lips before applying and it may be worth me investing in a lip scrub as well.

Make Up Revolution Lip Lacquer

Having tried one I think I may invest in some of the other colours as I there are times when I want a more dramatic look and at £3 a time I can treat myself without breaking the bank!

Have you tried the Lip Lacquer?


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Denim Dilemmas with Jacamo*

Jeans we all love them (well most of us do) but they can be one of the most frustrating things to buy, so when you do finally find some you love it can be hard to say goodbye to that old faithful pair even when there is a rip so large your underwear is on show!

My husband is terrible when it comes to shopping he is the kind of man who goes once a year buys a load of stuff and that is it. He currently owns two pairs of jeans which if I'm honest have seen better days but due to his height (he is 5' 4") he struggles to find pairs which fit.

Jacamo have come up with some ideas to help men move on and say goodbye to that old pair of jeans which have come to the end of their life and find a new pair which they will love just as much!

I know that when it comes to jeans my husband is a fussy one and he prefers a looser fit as it is more comfortable for him to wear. As they are a staple of his wardrobe he also likes ones that can be worn for a casual look but also dressed up with a smart jacket when he wants something a bit different.

Label J Arc Jeans
Getting the right length is essential, he has ended up over the years with frayed jeans as they are too long but Jacamo has a great range of leg lengths making it much easier to get the right fit for him.

Mr S in all his glory (yes I know he bears a passing resemblance to Simon Pegg!) in his jeans which he has owned for years and years!!!

So if the man in your life is need of some new jeans then send him over to Jacamo they are sure to be able to sort him out!!!

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