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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Plus 40 Fabulous January Edition

Hello and welcome to the January Edition of Plus 40 Fabulous, sadly I missed last months due to a combination of illness and work!!

The theme for this month has been chosen by Lee who thought it would be interesting to see how our childhood/teenage years influence how we dress today.

I make no secret of the fact that I was a total tomboy growing up who was far happier wearing my brothers old clothes than dresses so it still surprises me that now I love dresses and can be found wearing them more than jeans.

My early teenage years were spent being a Brosette but still with my own tomboy twist as I had short hair (which I wanted to wear in the style of Craig from Bros but could never get it to work!). The Brosette look appealed to me as it was jeans and clumpy shoes and had a boyish look which I loved.

In my later teenage years I became inspired by the 80's films like The Breakfast Club (I wanted to be Alison in all her misfit glory) and experimented with dyeing my hair black and wearing less mainstream clothes. My favourite outfit was black and purple striped tights worn underneath cut off shorts with doc martens and a black top! My mum was brilliant she never made a derogatory comment about how I chose to dress as I think she understood it was my way of expressing myself.

Looking back I dressed like a typical student of the mid 90's in stripy dungarees, lots of tie-dye (again my mum was great at letting me dye everything in sight!!) and Doc Martens which hardly ever left my feet!.

18 Year Old me in my first year at Uni!! (Holding a bottle of K Cider!!)

It took me until my late twenties to no longer dress like a student (even my now husband said that when I turned up for our first date he thought I looked like a student!!) but I still dress to please myself and have discovered since I started blogging that I don't have just one style anymore it changes from day to day!

I did however do an outfit post before Christmas which at the time I mentioned my 17 year old self would have loved (well the shoes would have to be swapped for some Doc's ) so sometimes yes I still feel the pull of the student in me (despite the fact that I graduated 20 years ago this year!!!).

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