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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Lady Voluptuous Phoebe Dress

There has been one dress that I have wanted for so long which is the Lady Voluptuous Phoebe Dress in flamingo print. I have waited and waited and waited some more to see if they would at some point put it on sale. You can imagine my delight last week when an email popped up advising a sale was starting at 9am last Friday. I sat and refreshed my browser (that is how eager I was) and then the site crashed due to everyone logging on looking for bargains.

Eventually I managed to get on and yes the flamingo Phoebe had been reduced and with a lot of encouragement from my colleagues at work I made it mine!!

Lady Voluptuous Phoebe Dress size 26/28

After seeing other bloggers mention sizing with this dress I opted to size up, and to be fair it is a bit big and as you can see I have a cami on underneath to stop it being too low. I think that  my usual size would have been too small especially across the bust I think this could be solved if the dresses were single rather than dual sizes.

I have also added a petticoat underneath to give more fullness but this dress does actually come with a petticoat already attached so you get a fuller skirt already. I really do love this dress it is so comfortable to wear and the flamingo print is fabulous!!!

Sadly since I bought it most of the sizes have now sold out but keep checking as it may come back into stock and I am pleased to say that new lines keep being added to the range so who knows what other dresses may appear in the future!!

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