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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Blog Everyday Day in June Day 27

Hello and welcome to day 27 of Blog Everyday in June and theme for today is goals for the next six months.

1. Save Money
I am terrible when it comes to money but now that we are living off just my salary I really have to budget and think about every purchase. The one downside of being a blogger and reading other blogs is wanting to then buy all the make up and clothes! To be fair my wardrobe is full of stuff I have plenty of make up so I really don't need anything! I am thinking about going on a spending ban and only allowing myself to purchase what I consider essential items.

2. More outfit posts
I seem to have lost my mojo just lately when it comes to outfit posts so I want to dig deep in my wardrobe and get some OOTD posts on the blog as I do have a few pieces that haven't been featured yet.

3. Learn to do winged eyeliner!
I long for the day when I actually apply winged eyeliner without it looking like a five year old has done it! I have watched countless tutorials on Youtube which make it look so simple yet I still can't manage it!!!

4. Embrace my age
So I am now 40 and it still feels weird to say it but I want to make this the decade where I finally let go of all my hang ups and just enjoy being me!

5. Increase my followers on Social Media
This is really my main blogging goal for the next six months I would love to get to 1000 followers on Instagram by Christmas (I am currently at 955) so if you don't already you can pop over and follow me here.

6.Be more organised
I am well known for always beings late and I need to get better organised! Every year I promise myself I will start buying Christmas presents early but I never do so this year I want to try and put things away as I see them!

What are your goals?


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