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Friday, 15 May 2015

50 Things Which Make Me Happy

Just recently I seem to have felt a bit despondent, and that my life had become work eat sleep repeat so sometimes its good to sit back and think about what makes you happy.
I saw this on Rachel's blog and decided it would be a good thing to try so here we go!

1. My Husband- yes it may be corny but he is here through thick and thin and I would be lost without him!

2. My Son- he may drive me mad sometimes but he is the apple of my eye and no matter how old he gets he will always be my baby!

3. My family in general who are fabulous and I am very lucky to have such a supportive one

4. Blogging and through it the amazing people I have met! I love you all!

5. Chocolate- especially Reeces Pieces!

6. Make Up- Since I started blogging I have renewed my interest in make up

7. Taking Selfies! I know some people think its vain I see it as a way to care for yourself

8. Internet- I would now be lost without it.

9. The sea- I need to see the sea at least once a year I always think this is because I am a water sign.

10. Somerset as I feel like I am home whenever I am there and I always feel sad to leave.

11. Doctor Who- I have loved the Doctor since I was small!

12. Music especially Crowded House again I have loved them since my teenage years.

13. Shopping- does this really need an explanation?

14. Parks and Recreation- this left a huge hole in my heart when it finished and I now have a huge crush on Adam Scott!

15. Coffee and Cake I love to sit with a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake.

16. Baking although I am not that good at it! (but I love to make cakes for my work friends and enjoy seeing people like what I have made!).

17. Gardening- it relaxes me and I feel a sense of pride when I look at my garden!

18. Flowers- I love flowers and nothing makes me happier than when I see the first flowers of spring!

19. Star Wars- I grew up with Star Wars and I love it still to this day.

20.Drinking out of my mason jars!!

21. The sound of the birds singing in the garden. I live in quite an urban area but we still have an amazing array of wildlife including a barmy blackbird who shouts at me!!

22. Video games- I grew up in the ZX Spectrum and arcade era and my love of video games is still going strong!

23.Netflix- Who could have envisioned that one day we would have a service like this?

24. Coming home from work to my husband and son- they are always pleased to see me! 

25. Being able to sit in my garden in the summer- I don't have a huge garden but I love the fact that I have some outdoor space!

26. Ice Cream

27.  Sunshine- I always feel better when the sun is shining!

28. A fresh undercut- usually courtesy of husband!

29.A good cup of tea!!

30. Amusement arcades- There is something very satisfying about winning on the 2p machines!

31. Friday nights- I love that feeling of knowing I have no work for two days!

32. Chinese food- I love sweet n sour chicken balls!

33. When things I plant actually grow!

34. Sleeping- When you have children sleep suddenly becomes the best thing ever as for quite a few years you never seem to get enough!!

35. Completing jigsaws- I just wish my current table was big enough!

36. A good roast dinner!

37. Museums and art galleries- I am lucky that we have a fantastic one in Birmingham which is free to visit.

38. Weston Super Mare and Burnham on Sea- My favourite seaside destinations ever!!

39. Clean sheets on my bed

40. A nice dress to swish about in and pretend I am in Grease as a pink lady!

41. Forests- I can forget all about the world and just potter through the trees

42. Sunsets

43. The moon I am fascinated by the moon. 

44. Driving on an empty road because living in Birmingham this never happens!

45. Finding an internet bargain or secret discount code.

46. Hearing live music especially film theme tunes played by an orchestra which I have been lucky enough to do a few times

47. Sunday lunch with my parents (my dad makes the best roast dinner ever!!).

48. Wine- I do love a glass of wine

49. A good pair of trainers- I have owned many over the years from Converse to Nike!

50. Work- Yes my job does make me happy, I like the feeling of knowing I helped someone and I work with some fantastic people.

What makes you happy? Fancy doing this then let me know!


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