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Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Instagram Round Up

It is the final day of May so I thought I would do a quick round up of my Instagram photos from this month. Looking back I haven't posted as much as I usually do I think this is a reflection on how I have been feeling this month. As it is my 40th Birthday in June I am determined to enjoy next month and try and get myself out of the gloomy mind set I have been in.

Anyway onwards and upwards please enjoy!!


Blog Everyday in June

I seem to have lost my mojo just recently so when the lovely Lisa over at My Big Fat Blog suggested a  blogging challenge to post everyday in June I thought it would be a way to get my creative juices flowing again!

We are following a set of prompts throughout the month which are as follows....

I am going to try my best to have a go and hopefully life won't get in the way!

There is also a hashtag #blogeverydayjune which we will be using on social media throughout the month.

The other bloggers also taking part are

Daisy // Charley // Sarah // Tukru // Lauren // Kathryn //Katt // Kelly // Lisa
I am quite excited to do this as it has been awhile since I took part in any monthly blogging challenges! 

Silent Sunday/My Sunday Photo



Friday, 29 May 2015

Superdrug Beauty Haul

I filmed a quick haul video yesterday of some bits I picked up from Superdrug- enjoy!!


Thursday, 28 May 2015

OMCZ #3 Crop Tops!

So it is that time of the month again yes that's right OMCZ time!!!

The theme for this month is......


If you own a crop top go ahead show us how you wear it, if like me you don't , Then make one or fashion one out of something else. Be creative. 

Now I have to confess I am cheating a bit with this one as I have been short on time so I am going to re-use some older blog photos from last year that feature some crop top shots!!

This was a basic boyfriend crop top from Primark last year which I loved throughout the Summer! At the moment I am struggling with my body confidence but I am hoping I can get back into the right frame of mind to wear this top again this year!

Don't forget to check out the other ladies also taking part!


Monday, 25 May 2015

Modcloth Monday

Hello and happy Bank Holiday Monday I hope you are all enjoying yourselves!!

I apologise for the lack of posts this month but work has been really busy and it leaves me so tired that I just come home and collapse in a heap!! I also seem to be suffering from a lack of confidence at the moment which has left me not wanting to do outfit posts as I have fallen out of love with everything.
Whenever I get like this I try and wear one of my faourite dresses so I dug out my ever faithful Olso Modcloth dress (still so grateful to Sarah from Plus Size and Proud for selling this to me!) and bunged it on this morning! To change it up a bit I tried out my new Lady Vintage London petticoat which I bought when they had a discount code a few weeks ago.

I really wanted to love this petticoat but I was a bit disappointed especially for the price I paid (about £30 after the discount). I ordered the largest size 24-26 but when it came I could see the elastic was really tight and I just about got it on. I had a look at the waistband and could see the elastic was done up with a button (in the same style as children's clothes which have an adjustable waist), so I undid the button and the elastic pinged back inside the waistband oops! I have left it like this which means it now sits lower on my waist and gives more length to the petticoat. I wanted it to wear under my Estella cupcake dress but it doesn't sit right as the petticoat isn't long enough and I get the lampshade effect!

I had a sudden brainwave and realised that my Oslo dress is shorter so decided to try it under that one instead and I think we have a winning combination!

See what you think!

Modcloth Oslo Dress size 3x Lady V London Petticoat

I wasn't sure at first that the petticoat would go underneath as there is a lining to this dress, so I was pleased when it did, I also quite like the way it peeks out from underneath (I know that traditionally it shouldn't) as it adds interest to the outfit.

Despite my initial reservations about the petticoat I think I can make it work, and the one thing I do like is the silky waistband and how soft the tulle is, especially when worn with bare legs.

If anyone has any petticoat tips or suggestions I would be glad to hear them as I am still on the hunt for one to go with my Estella Dress.

Dress Modcloth
Cardigan Primark
Trainers Converse
Petticoat Lady Vintage London


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Guilty Pleasures Tag

I was tagged a few weeks ago by the lovely Katt from A Curvy Cupcake to take part in the guilty pleasures tag on YouTube.

I finally got round to filming my video yesterday so please enjoy!

If you fancy having a go at this tag be sure to let me know so I can check out your answers!


Monday, 18 May 2015

Make Up Revolution One Blush Stick

So there are always those beauty products that everyone raves about and I always wonder if they are worth the hype. I have seen lots of posts about various Make Up Revolution products and having tried a few pieces I have become quite the fan of this brand.

There is one product that has taken me ages to buy as every time I went to look for it there were none in stock so imagine my happiness when I finally found the One Blush Stick on the shelves!!

It is a versatile blusher as you can also use it on your lips as it can be used wet for a sheer look or dry for a more striking look.

The thing to remember is a little goes a long way with this one as it is highly pigmented.

Make Up Revolution One Blush Stick

I chose to try the Matte Pink Shade as I love pink blushers for my skin tone and this is very pink! I swatched it on my arm dry (I forgot to do a wet version) and as you can see it is is very vibrant and I found I only need a small amount on my blusher brush.  I have yet to try it wet to see what the sheer version will be like.

Overall at £6 it isn't the cheapest blusher on the market (when you can buy them for £1 ) but I think its great value for money and I love the colour and creaminess of it and the packaging is nice which always draws me in!

I think its fair to say I'm sold and hope to pick up more in different colours!!

The more products I try from Make Up Revolution the more I fall in love with them and next on my list are some of their funky lipsticks!

What would you recommend I try next?


Friday, 15 May 2015

50 Things Which Make Me Happy

Just recently I seem to have felt a bit despondent, and that my life had become work eat sleep repeat so sometimes its good to sit back and think about what makes you happy.
I saw this on Rachel's blog and decided it would be a good thing to try so here we go!

1. My Husband- yes it may be corny but he is here through thick and thin and I would be lost without him!

2. My Son- he may drive me mad sometimes but he is the apple of my eye and no matter how old he gets he will always be my baby!

3. My family in general who are fabulous and I am very lucky to have such a supportive one

4. Blogging and through it the amazing people I have met! I love you all!

5. Chocolate- especially Reeces Pieces!

6. Make Up- Since I started blogging I have renewed my interest in make up

7. Taking Selfies! I know some people think its vain I see it as a way to care for yourself

8. Internet- I would now be lost without it.

9. The sea- I need to see the sea at least once a year I always think this is because I am a water sign.

10. Somerset as I feel like I am home whenever I am there and I always feel sad to leave.

11. Doctor Who- I have loved the Doctor since I was small!

12. Music especially Crowded House again I have loved them since my teenage years.

13. Shopping- does this really need an explanation?

14. Parks and Recreation- this left a huge hole in my heart when it finished and I now have a huge crush on Adam Scott!

15. Coffee and Cake I love to sit with a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake.

16. Baking although I am not that good at it! (but I love to make cakes for my work friends and enjoy seeing people like what I have made!).

17. Gardening- it relaxes me and I feel a sense of pride when I look at my garden!

18. Flowers- I love flowers and nothing makes me happier than when I see the first flowers of spring!

19. Star Wars- I grew up with Star Wars and I love it still to this day.

20.Drinking out of my mason jars!!

21. The sound of the birds singing in the garden. I live in quite an urban area but we still have an amazing array of wildlife including a barmy blackbird who shouts at me!!

22. Video games- I grew up in the ZX Spectrum and arcade era and my love of video games is still going strong!

23.Netflix- Who could have envisioned that one day we would have a service like this?

24. Coming home from work to my husband and son- they are always pleased to see me! 

25. Being able to sit in my garden in the summer- I don't have a huge garden but I love the fact that I have some outdoor space!

26. Ice Cream

27.  Sunshine- I always feel better when the sun is shining!

28. A fresh undercut- usually courtesy of husband!

29.A good cup of tea!!

30. Amusement arcades- There is something very satisfying about winning on the 2p machines!

31. Friday nights- I love that feeling of knowing I have no work for two days!

32. Chinese food- I love sweet n sour chicken balls!

33. When things I plant actually grow!

34. Sleeping- When you have children sleep suddenly becomes the best thing ever as for quite a few years you never seem to get enough!!

35. Completing jigsaws- I just wish my current table was big enough!

36. A good roast dinner!

37. Museums and art galleries- I am lucky that we have a fantastic one in Birmingham which is free to visit.

38. Weston Super Mare and Burnham on Sea- My favourite seaside destinations ever!!

39. Clean sheets on my bed

40. A nice dress to swish about in and pretend I am in Grease as a pink lady!

41. Forests- I can forget all about the world and just potter through the trees

42. Sunsets

43. The moon I am fascinated by the moon. 

44. Driving on an empty road because living in Birmingham this never happens!

45. Finding an internet bargain or secret discount code.

46. Hearing live music especially film theme tunes played by an orchestra which I have been lucky enough to do a few times

47. Sunday lunch with my parents (my dad makes the best roast dinner ever!!).

48. Wine- I do love a glass of wine

49. A good pair of trainers- I have owned many over the years from Converse to Nike!

50. Work- Yes my job does make me happy, I like the feeling of knowing I helped someone and I work with some fantastic people.

What makes you happy? Fancy doing this then let me know!


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spring Florals OOTD

Well I succumbed and bought a dress in the ASOS Curve sale from New Look Inspire as I wanted a dress I could wear for both work and casual.

This one was reduced to £11 in the sale and then I found a discount code for another 10% off sale items so it was even cheaper! You know me and my love of a good bargain!

Size 24 Blonde Fatshion New Look Inspire

I really am quite pleased with this dress it is easy to throw on and go which when I am rushing around to get ready for work in the morning is needed! The only issues I've had or it can sometimes pick up static (but I am terrible for that anyway) and the armholes are a bit big and my bra peeks out but I might pop a vest under if necessary. What I do love is the cut out on the back as it gives a bit more detail to the dresss. New Look seem to do a lot of these dresses with the elasticated middle and I quite like how easy they are to style.

Outfit details
Dress New Look Inspire- No longer available online
Leggings Yours Clothing
Jacket Primark
Handbag Ollie and Nic Via TK Maxx
Trainers Converse


Monday, 11 May 2015

I Am The Mum Who.....

I recently spotted this tag over on Behind Green Eyes by Sharon and she very kindly agreed to let me take part so here we go!

-Has one son who was born 2 months early weighing just 3 1/2 lbs
-Suffered a miscarriage with my second pregnancy and that is why I only have one child
-Juggles full time work, blogging and an eight year old.
-Tells her son she loves him everyday.
-Is bringing her son up to have a healthy love of Doctor Who and Star Wars
-Sometimes wishes she could freeze time as it seems to go too fast.
-Checks on my son before I go to bed everynight.
-Loves the internet.
-Loves to play video games often on co-op with my son!
-Is pleased her son joined cubs and that he loves it so much
-Wishes she could afford to take her son to Disneyland in America.
-Is never on time for anything and frequently forgets the important stuff!
-Is afraid of the dentist
-Sings along to the cartoon theme tunes.
-Enjoys a glass of wine or two
-Finds old toys and sweets in the bottom of her handbag.
-Is the finder of all lost things in the house.
-Is a keen but not very green fingered gardener.
-Turning 40 this year and a bit unsure about it.

I tag the lovely Katt from A Curvy Cupcake  to play along next!

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