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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Uncondtional Body Beautiful Part Three-Legs

Hello and welcome to this months Unconditional Body Beautiful post and this time we are talking about legs!!!

I am going to be honest and say that my legs have always been the part of me that I like the most, although I don't get my pins out as much these days!!!

For my height (5'4") they are quite long (which makes me shorter in the torso) and due to walking have some decent muscles going on!!!

In my younger days they were quite shapely and it is only now looking back that I realise I had a good set of legs which I really didn't appreciate at the time!!

So this is me aged about 21 and check out those legs!!!! I wish I go back in time and tell the younger me not to worry about how I looked!!

Before I started blogging I had reached a point where I often hid my legs away as over the years weight gain and lack of confidence held me back. I also hated the fact that my legs were so pale and never tanned, magazines had drummed into me that I needed a good suntan to show my legs!!!

I think blogging was the turning point when I realised what utter bullshit all of this really was, my legs are awesome- they get me from A to B and  allow me to run around with my son and should be celebrated!!!
For the first time in years I left the house in shorts, cellulite be damned these are my legs deal with it!!

I finally felt a sense of liberation during the warm summer months when I freed my legs from leggings and tights and stopped worrying about them!!

I shall leave you with this from last year!!

Bit of leg loving from last year!!

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