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Friday, 13 March 2015

Simply Be Merry Hill Store Visit

Last weekend I met up with the awesome Kim from Call Me Kim and we headed off to Merry Hill Shopping centre for a fun afternoon of playing dress up!!

We had been invited to go have a look at the new Kelly Brook range which has just been launched online and in store at Simply Be.

I must admit I do like the Simply Be store at Merry Hill it has the most amazing changing rooms with huge mirrored doors well lit changing rooms and of course the magic mirror (more about that later).

I do own a dress from the first Kelly Brook range and having had a quick look at the collection online when it launched I was keen to see what it was like in real life. Sadly the Merry Hill branch doesn't carry the full range but Kim and I did try everything on that was there. I was disappointed to find that the dress I most wanted to see wasn't instore but nonetheless still had a good afternoon of dressing up!

The collection is very much all about spring colours with floral prints and would make ideal dresses if you had a wedding or christening to go to.

For reference everything I tried on was a size 22, so to get us started here is the first dress.

This is the Kelly Brook Textured Dress and I really wanted to fall in love with this dress as it looked gorgeous on the hanger but sadly it just didn't work for me. Length wise it is perfect as it sits just above my knee but as I am busty the neckline is a bit too high for me and the puff sleeves don't quite work on me as I am narrow in the shoulder. This dress is very stretchy so you can stick with your usual size and it won't be too clingy (If you are not keen on VBO then you will be fine). As you can see on Kim who is much taller than me it comes up much shorter so do bear this in mind.

The one legged pose!

This is the Lace Peplum Dress and I did like this dress, the only slight fit issue I had was the deepness of the V neck showed some of my bra, but I could solve this by switching to a plunge fit bra. Again the length on me was perfect especially as this dress has the split at the front which could be risking a wardrobe malfunction if you are taller than me! I loved the colour and fit of this dress and I think with the right bra underneath this would be a winner for me.

Simply Be Kelly Brook Dress size 22
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This is the Print Belted Dress I love the print on this dress as it is so cheerful and would be fabulous as a wedding guest outfit. I am pleased to say that the belt actually fitted which can often be an issue, and made a nice addition to the dress. The only fit issue I had with this dress was across my shoulders where it felt a bit big, I don't think I could have sized down as my boobs wouldn't have fitted into the smaller size. Sadly this often a problem for me with dresses due again to my narrow shoulders/ big bust combination! I think this was my favourite dress of the day, but I would have liked a skater style version as I feel it may have been a bit unforgiving across my tummy when sitting.

This is the Print Scuba Dress which is a lovely thick scuba material that hugs you but again I had a few issues with the fit. Due to my bust the neckline didn't feel quite right for me and it wrinkled on the sides over my hips. I love the colour and the print but as it is a lighter colour it pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone especially with regards to showing my tummy. The length again is perfect for me as it came to just above my knee but on as you may expect it was shorter on Kim.

I mentioned earlier about the magic mirror where you can have your photo taken, and then either post it on social media or print it out. Well as you can imagine we had great fun so please enjoy our pictures from the day!!

This Belted Lace Trench Coat  was lovely and not something I would normally wear as I usually steer clear of double breasted coats due to my bust. It looked lovely paired with the floral dress and again would be fantastic for a wedding guest outfit. I just know I would never keep it clean!!!

Now the magic mirror did have a mind of its own and would occasionally just go off on its own!! It seemed to take a liking to me as twice it caught me having a derpy moment so please enjoy!!

Overall my favourite dress from the day was the floral belted dress, I loved the fabric and if I needed a dress for an occasion then this would be on my wishlist. We were a bit disappointed that there wasn't more of the collection in store but I understand there is limited floor space. I would also like to see more of the collection go above a size 26 and be more inclusive.

I just remains for me to say a huge thank.  you to Simply Be for a brilliant afternoon we had loads of fun and we were very well looked after. I also want to say a massive thank you to Kim for a lovely afternoon full of giggles, tired feet and lots of clothes!!

Don't forget to head over and check out Kim's Blog as well!

Have you tried anything from the new range?


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