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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bumblee OOTD!

Hello campers!! Well it's a bit grey and dreary today so I decided to brighten things up with a jumper I found on Ebay! It was a whole £2.60 plus postage so a total bargain as it was finishing really early in the morning no one else outbid me at the end!

Jumper, Primark, Size 20, BBW, Fat Girl, Blonde Hair

I love this jumper so much although I do feel a bit like a massive bumblebee when I wear it!! It is originally from Primark although I have never spotted it in my local one so I have no idea what it would have cost brand new. This is a size 20 and it is so generous which suits me as I like my jumpers to be oversized as it allows me to add a layer underneath for warmth.

I still have a lot of love for Ebay but I do find that it isn't as good for bargains as it used to be. I tend to look for listings that are ending at odd times especially early morning as these seem to be more likely to end at a lower price. I also avoid those whose postage charges just make the purchase too expensive, and I try to stick to an amount I want to bid up to and walk away if it goes too high.  I know some people don't like buying Primark stuff on Ebay but I take the view that as long as I am still paying less than I would have in-store then I will buy it.

Have you found anything good on Ebay lately?

Outfit details
Jumper Primark via Ebay
Jeans Dorothy Perkins
Trainers Primark
Necklace New Look old


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