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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Unconditional Body Beautiful Part One- My Body and I From The Beginning

Hello and welcome to a brand new monthly series called Unconditional Body Beautiful which has been created by Rebequita Rose.

Over the coming months we will be concentrating on different parts of our bodies, but today we start with a look at the story of our bodies.

I guess I was quite lucky when I was younger in that spent my childhood never really giving my body much thought to me it was just a body and I was happy in it. The first time I ever remember feeling any discontent was during my teenage years when my bust seemed to grow at an incredible rate of knots which for someone who was a total tomboy was disconcerting!

Right through my late teens and early twenties I was still comfortable in my own skin but still had moments of annoyance that my boobs were quite large on my then slim frame and often wished for smaller ones!! In fact during my twenties I was all set to have a breast reduction but ultimately I didn't go through with it and I am now glad I didn't.

My love/hate relationship with my body didn't really take hold until my mid twenties when a sedentary job which I didn't really like (I worked in a call centre) and the ups and downs in my personal life made me turn to food for comfort and so weight gain began. I spent the majority of my twenties yo-yo dieting, sometimes refusing to go on nights out because my confidence had hit rock bottom. In those days plus size fashion was very limited and there wasn't the same choice of trendy outfits that my slimmer friends could wear.
My life was held to ransom by the number on a scale and whenever I would start a new diet my whole day could be either transformed or ruined by what the scales said in the morning.

Sadly this mindset lasted well into my 30's despite meeting my now husband who loves me no matter what weight I am and it wasn't until two years ago that something changed and I reached an epiphany over my body.

The turning point was stumbling across plus size fashion blogs online and being wowed by the most amazing women who just oozed confidence, were totally at one with their bodies and wore outfits I had never considered I could wear. I trawled the internet searching for all the plus size blogs I could find and the more I saw the more my attitude towards my body began to change.

I then decided to go one step further and have a go at blogging myself and this was when my journey to being body confident and body positive really got going. It sounds cliche but the PS community really are amazing, very welcoming and never have I felt more at home! I was still finding my feet when I started the blog and my early outfits reflect this, but fast forward nearly two years and I now wear bodycon dresses and own a bikini! I no longer feel my worth is defined by a number on a scale or what dress size I wear as there is so much more to me than that!
One of my first ever outfit posts!

My Xmas Party outfit!

I would be lying if I said I never have the odd wobble because I still do I am only human after all and at this time of year with all the new year new you floating around it can be hard to shut it out. So what do I do when I feel like that, I grab my most fabulous dress pop it on do my make up and stick it on Instagram. Vain you might say, attention seeking maybe, well yes maybe it is but sometimes you need to be reminded just how brilliant you really are!

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