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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

OOTD- Take a Walk On The Wildside

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may remember that I mentioned I bought three dresses from Simply Be whilst I was at Meadowhall back in December. These were part of my Christmas present from Mr S and I thought it was about time I showed you the first one!


I found this dress on the sale rail and decided to try it on now this is a 24 and I must admit that when I took it off the rail I didn't look very generous. In all honesty I wish I had also tried a 26 as this is quite snug on my boobs and a tad tight across my shoulders. It is also shorter than a lot of dresses I normally wear, it is above my knee so if you are taller than me it may be too short but it could also be that due to my boobs taking up a lot of room it makes it shorter.

Now whilst we are on the topic of sizing this brings me onto an issue that you may have seen or heard about with regards to Simply Be. It has become apparent that just recently there is a lot less choice of clothing in sizes above a 26 and that a lot of the newer ranges are stopping at a 26 so sizing out many women. To me this risks alienating your core customer especially those who have been very vocal in their support for the brand and who are now finding their choices becoming more restricted. Add to this the odd sizing such as this dress (I normally wear a 22 and whilst the size on the label doesn't bother me for some women this will be an issue) those who wear a 26 could also find themselves sized out if the outfits run too small. I hope Simply Be take all the comments on board, look at the sizing of their clothes and availability of items in all sizes as after all they are supposed to be a 'Plus Size' retailer.

Outfit Details
Dress Simply Be
Necklace Johnny Loves Rosie Via ASOS Secret Santa
Tights Primark 100 Denier- my favourite tights of all time!
Boots Ebay


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