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Thursday, 4 December 2014

The One Where I Met Tess Munster

So I'm sure by now you all know that the legend that is Tess Munster came to my hometown of Birmingham last week to do a meet and greet at the Yours Clothing store in the Bullring.

Now these type of events are a rare thing in Birmingham so when I heard she was coming I used my last days holiday from work to book a day off as I knew I would really regret not going along.

Not only was I excited to meet Tess I was also looking forward to seeing some lovely blogger babes as well, and having so many amazing people in Brum was awesome!

After meeting up with Becky, Lolly (with Franklin in tow who is as famous as Tess and such a cutie!!) and Katt I queued to meet Tess and was quite calm until I got to the front of the queue and then forgot how to speak!! I have to say she was really lovely in person, very friendly and made everyone feel special and appreciated for coming to meet her. I did have an OMG moment when I said I was a blogger, told her the name of my blog only to be told she had read it eeep!!!!

So here is the moment I met her (please excuse the blurry photos my phone is a pain at times!)

After we had all met her we managed to persuade them to let us do a group blogger shot so here it is!

Lucia, Lolly, Hannah, Becky, Katt, Me, Tess and Katie.

After all the excitement we all decided we needed a sit down and a drink so we headed off to Five Guys (ok I was nearly as excited about this as I was meeting Tess) where I had the most amazing burger but bad blogger that I am forgot to photograph it! Enjoy a picture of my drink instead (coke zero cherry!!).

Having re-fuelled we headed back to Yours to have a mooch around the store and indulge in a trying on session. Somehow we all ended up grabbing the dress that Tess was wearing and headed off to the changing rooms to try it on!!

I may have accidentally bought this dress whoops!!!

Much mayhem ensued photos taken and instagrammed and then someone had the bright idea that as the store was fairly quiet by this point and we all had the same dress on that we should go and see Tess and have a photo!! We wandered through the store much to the amusement of the staff and surprised Tess!!

Here is the result!!

Tess Munster, BBW, plus size bloggers, Birmingham, Yours Clothing, Bullring
Debz, Becky, Katt, Tess, me, Lucia
 I think this was the highlight of the day!!!

Becky, Katt and myself spent the rest of the afternoon wandering round the shops and had a much needed coffee and a natter and I had an amazing day with everyone. (It was the first time I had met Katt and she is awesome!!).

So thank you to Tess Munster for coming to Brum and for being so lovely, thank you to Yours Clothing for hosting the event and finally thank you to all the awesome blogger babes who made it a day I shall never forget!!! I love you all!


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