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Monday, 20 October 2014

Blogtober a Quick Update

Hello lovely people, I felt I needed to do a quick update as to why I have been unable to stick to my intended Blogtober schedule.

As you may know my husband was made redundant at the end of September and he now has a new job (yay) but he is working part time whilst I have increased my hours. By the time I get home I just want to collapse in a heap so sadly the blog has had to take more of a back seat at the moment!.

I had a rough patch last week with illness which is still lingering and knocking me about and also I had the four year anniversary (not sure that is the best term to use) of my miscarriage which in a strange twist of irony falls on what is known as pregnancy and infant loss day.  Although it was very touching and really quite moving to see all the candles that had been lit in honour of these losses across the world (known as the Wave of Light). Yes it has been four years but I will always carry this with me so forgive me if occasionally it causes me upset.

So that is where I am at the moment I think for the sake of my sanity I may be a bit quieter this month and I apologise to those who have joined in with blogtober that I may not complete all the posts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far it has been lovely to see how many people have written posts and I have connected with some new bloggers which is always lovely.

I hope to get back on form next month as I have a few bargain bits and pieces to show you including a fab coat from ASDA!

Anyway thanks again!


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