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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 28

Another day another Blogtober post- I promise they will be over soon!!Anyway today I am talking about my favourite music.

I have always loved music and even when I was young my walkman would go everywhere with me, now I carry my Ipod wherever I go!

I must admit that I am not really down with the kids I rarely know what is at number one in the charts and hve to constantly ask my younger work colleagues who is who when I hear a song on Radio 1 at work!!  So my music choices very much reflect the music of my youth and that I stil listen to today.

1. Crowded House
I adore Crowded House and have been lucky enough to see them live twice. To me there is a timeless quality to their music and no matter how down I feel if I put Don't Dream Its Over on I instantly feel lifted.

2.Depeche Mode
Growing up my older brother was a huge influence on my musical tastes and this is a band that we both love. Again I have been lucky to see them twice live and they blew me away, the power of Dave Gahan's voice even live is incredible. In my younger days I could often be seen sporting my beloved Violater top (if you check out my throwback post you can see me in it!).

I loved and still love OMD with Andy McClusky and his dad dancing to their electro pop music. I also loved the fact that when I went to Uni in Chester I saw some of the places such as Sealand which had inspired some of their songs. I was an avid member of their old fan club and had a bag adorned in OMD badges and a very funky t-shirt which I wore to death whilst doing my A-Levels!

What music do you love to listen to?


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