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Monday, 27 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 27

The end is in sight only a few more days of Blogtober left and today I am looking at my favourite You Tubers

Now we watch a lot of YouTube in our house so I have picked the favourite channels that are enjoyed by various members of the household!!

1. Cinemassacre/ Angry Video Game Nerd
Hubby and I are huge fans of James Rolfe aka The Angry Video Game Nerd, although this is not a channel to watch with kids in the room! If you like watching anything from retro gaming to a whole month dedicated to Halloween then this is the channel for you!

2. The Diamond Minecart
Ok so my son and husband love Minecraft, and not only do they like playing it they also like to watch videos of other people playing it! The Diamond Minecart is probably my sons favourite channel and one that I don't mind him watching as there is no swearing

3. Njenkin
I have mentioned this chap before and I think he deserves another shout out for the effort he puts into his videos. I think hubby stumbled across his channel whilst looking for Tomb Raider walkthroughs as he is currently doing a series called Tomb Raider Blundering! I loved Tomb Raider but never managed to finish it so I am keen to see what happens in the levels that I never got to!! He also does a random Wednesday question which are funny and retro game reviews so lots to see.

4. Theme Park HD
Despite hating roller coasters I have a strange fascination with watching videos of them online and this account is amazing. HD videos and at the moment lots of halloween themed rides as well. So if like me you want to experience a roller coaster ride in comfort then check out this channel!

5.Johns Arcade
John has an arcade full of retro gaming goodness in the basement of his house. He also loves pinball machines and we get to see him visit arcades, conventions other collectors etc. If like me you grew up in the era of only being able to play the best games at the arcade then you will love this channel.

OK so there you have it a little taste of what we watch on these dark evenings!!


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