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Friday, 17 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 Day 17

Hello and welcome to day 17 of Blogtober, the theme for today is my favourite films.

I am very much a child of the 80's so I think most of my choices will reflect this!

1. Ghostbusters
This was one of those must see films and even now I am amazed if I meet someone of my age who hasn't seen it! I was about nine when it came out and drove my mum mad constantly watching a version that had been taped off the tv (we had to wait a long time in those days for films to make it to tv). I even had the theme tune on 7" single!You can imagine my excitement when aged 17 at Universal studios in Florida when I saw a mock of the New York Public Library from the film! To me this film is perfect and I still love watching it now and even my seven year old son is quite the fan!

2. Some Kind of Wonderful
I have long been a fan of the John Hughes films (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller etc) but the one that I truly love is Some Kind of Wonderful which seems to be less well known. I first saw this film when I was about 17 and it captured me, I guess I was just the right age for a bit of teenage angst and romance! The story is about a boy called Keith (played by Eric Stolz) who is in love with a girl called Amanda Jones but she runs around with the popular rich kids despite not being rich herself. Keith has a best friend called Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson) who is a total tomboy but also secretly in love with Keith and he is totally oblivious to this! If you have seen and like Pretty in Pink then this is the film for you as it is almost that film but in reverse! All I can say is go watch it!

3. The Breakfast Club
Again another John Hughes film and one that I saw in my late teenage years that has stayed with me, which I now own on blu-ray! The premise of the film is really quite simple a bunch of kids have been put into Saturday detention at school for various misdemeanours of which we find out as the film progresses. They start out not knowing each other but by the end of the day have forged a bond. This film features the amazing song Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds which for me is such an 80's anthem! If you have never seen this film then go watch and tell me which character is you!

Growing up the only superhero I truly loved was Superman and again this was another film that I would drive my mum mad with watching it all the time! For me the only Superman can be Christopher Reeve he was perfect and although I have watched the modern remakes they just don't compare. He was perfect as the clumsy nerd Clark Kent with some lovely comedic moments, but then he would transform into this powerful superhero and you believed it. This is yet another film that I have introduced my son to and he loves it! (Along of course with Spiderman!).

So there you have it, I could ramble on for days but I will leave it at that!!!

One final thing..............



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