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Friday, 1 August 2014

Butterfly Foot Peeling Mask

Today I am talking feet now if you don't like feet or pictures of feet I would stop reading now!!

I have suffered for years with dry and cracked skin on my heels and it is always worse during summer as I have sandals on so my feet get really dry. I have tried all sorts over the years to get rid of it but to no avail! So when I saw Sharon from Behind Green Eyes mention a peeling mask she had found on Ebay I decided to have a go.

I have looked at the foot peeling masks for ages and some are quite expensive but the one I ended up getting was £2.99 plus postage.

I finally got round to using them whilst sat watching Glastonbury on TV as I knew I had to keep them on between 1-2 hours and here is the bags!

My husband thought I was crackers sat there with these bags on my feet, you do get used to them but they feel odd at first and I had to use sellotape to secure them and make sure no liquid escaped!

It took about two weeks before anything happened but the first thing I noticed was my skin felt tight under my feet and then started to go very dry. The first peeling I saw was on my toes and then it gradually spread across my feet. In my wisdom I decided to do this at the time of year when I was wearing sandals and had to hope no-one looked at my feet too closely!!

I didn't have huge bits of skin coming off mine peeled in smaller amounts and I got to the point where I was obsessed with sitting at night and peeling it off!! Do be prepared for the mess this makes as I ended up with dead skin everywhere so make sure you have a vacuum handy!! It took about two weeks for them to fully peel and I noticed that after showering they would really peel!

My feet are now fully finished peeling and my only disappointment is that the skin on my heels although better didn't really peel but then it was quite bad so maybe another treatment in a few months would sort it.
I also invested in a ped egg and I have found this helps with the bits of dry skin I still have and my favourite body butter from the pound shop applied twice a day really helps as well.

My skin as it looks today and you can see I still have a slight hard patch on one of my toes which never seems to go either but overall my feet are much better than they were!

If you fancy trying this out then you can pick up a set of plastic socks from Ebay but you may want to wait until later in the year when you are more likely to be wearing socks and shoes!!!


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