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Friday, 6 June 2014

Pilaten Suction Black Face Mask Review

I am always on the look out for skin products that can help get rid of blackheads especially those on my nose. A quick search on google and I came across a face mask called Pilaten Black Mask which is a peel off mask so it works in the same way as the nose strips you can buy. After some searching I found it on Ebay for £7.80 from a UK seller (Most of the others were from abroad) so decided to try it!

So here I am with it on- oh so attractive I know!!! The only downside is that there are no English instructions on the box or tube so I just slapped it on and hoped for the best!! I soon realised that you just need to wait for it to dry and then start peeling it off!

Now I thought it would peel off a big parts but some of it was still sticky so it came off in small bits as I should have left it on longer! I must admit it did hurt taking it off especially where it came into contact with any facial hair! My advice just be quick like ripping off a plaster!!! If I put it on again I will make sure to also keep it away from my eyebrows as it got stuck in them! To finish off I cleaned my face with some micellar water cleanser (I use the Garnier one) and it got rid of any lasting residue.

So here I am after taking it all off and I have to say that my skin felt lovely and smooth I am not convinced it has done much to my blackheads but I would use it again to give my skin a boost.

If you fancy trying this mask for yourself you can find it here on Ebay.


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