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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Love Every Body Body Positivity Workshop #7

Hello and welcome to this months Love Every Body Body Positivity Workshop and today we are talking legs and feet!
If you read my blog yesterday then you may have seen my Flash The Flesh post where I chose strangely enough to flash my legs!

What I can say about my legs well from the knee down I don't mind them and have become quite the fan of midi dresses and anything that just covers my knees in summer but be warned I can blind you with my milk bottle skin!!! I have decent calf muscles and all in all I don't mind the way they look, but above the knee is however a different matter! Maybe it is due to my age but if I wear anything that is above the knee then leggings or tights are required (unless we are talking shorts) I am not that keen really as I have cellulite and wobbly bits!!! I do suffer to some degree with chub rub during the summer but thanks to comfort knickers and Lush silky underwear powder this is now being dealt with!! I suppose what I shouldn't take for granted is that I have the full use of my legs so I can walk, run skip and jump (well with the aid of a good sports bra!).

Taken from my flash the flesh post!
Moving onto my feet I actually quite like my feet they are an average size and slightly wide but not to the point where I really struggle with shoes fitting. Where I do struggle is with a high instep which means I can't wear high heels unless they have an ankle strap, as I walk the shoes just flip off my heels and away! I also sometimes struggle with ballet flats as they don't always want to stay on for the same reason! My husband loves my feet as he thinks I have dinky toes but I think my toenails are ridiculous as they are so small! If I could change one thing about my feet it would be the hard skin I get on my heels and I really need to try the plastic bags you put on your feet to help the skin peel off! - If anyone has tried these and found them good then please let me know!!!

So there you have it ladies and gents my legs and feet!!


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