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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

99p Dress Challenge

Recently Yours Clothing did a promotion offering 5 different dresses at 99p each, the first time they did this I was too slow and didn't manage to get one, but when they did the offer for a second time I struck  lucky and managed to nab one of the dresses.

The lovely Debz from I'm A Wannabee Princess then suggested  a blog challenge where we should all post on a certain day depending on which dress we had bought.

Today is the turn of the black and white chiffon dress.

When I got onto the website this was the only dress left and luckily it was still available in my size (although I did size up as it is non stretch). It came with a belt which I haven't worn in the photos as I couldn't get it to sit right as due to sizing up the belt is a bit big and it makes the dress sit funny on my waist.

The dress is fully lined and has a zip at the side although I don't use the zip as it pulls on over my head, the only other downside of sizing up to get my boobs in is the armholes are quite large so my bra shows at the sides but this I can live with.

Also I am cheating and this dress is also dress number three of the 30 Days 30 Dresses challenge!

The dress is still available online with Yours but is back to the full price of £30.00.

Don't forget to check out all the other lovely ladies in their bargain dresses.

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