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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Love Every Body Body Postivity Workshop #3

Hello and welcome to the third installment of  Love Every Body Body Positivity Workshop and this time we are focusing on shoulders, arms and hands.

For many years I had a a great hatred of my upper arms and was very reluctant to wear vest tops due to having rough skin and red dots on my arms so they were nearly always covered. I think I have bought every skin scrub and body lotion known to man to try and have baby soft skin but alas no!! If I went on a night out I would have a shrug or bolero on to hide my arms, but over the last few years I have made peace with them and now I wear vest tops with confidence and whilst I still have a great love of cardigans  I wear them for fashion not to cover up! (Plus I am getting older and I feel the cold!!!!)

My shoulders I don't mind apart from they are prone to terrible sunburn when it is hot due to my very fair skin- even now as I type this I can hear my mum saying always keep your shoulders covered when it is hot or else they will burn!!- and yes mum you are quite right!!

Hands- honestly I like my hands for the most part especially my left hand as that holds my wedding ring, eternity and engagement rings. I also love the fact that I can wear different rings or nail varnish to change my look, different watches or bracelets on my wrists which despite me being plus size are not that big. The only thing I am not so keen on is my nails, they are a strange shell shape and I have never been able to get my nails to grow they just split and break- I will look down to find part of my nail has just gone!

I suppose we take for granted our arms and hands but there is so much we do with them, I can hug my son and husband, hold my sons hand. When he was a baby my son was so small he could rest in the crook of my arm and would snuggle into my shoulder. Even now as a six year old he still loves it if I carry him upstairs to bed and snuggles his head onto my shoulder- whilst I nearly break my back!
Sorry for the crap picture but there is one of my arms!

Strangely this week it has been proven to me how much we express with our arms and hands, as I went to see Depeche Mode live and as an audience our way to interact with the band was to wave our arms in the air and clap like loons. In fact when you think about it we do a a lot of non verbal communication with our hands and arms more than we realise.

Do you like this part of your body?


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