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Friday, 24 January 2014

ASOS Curve Lace Skater dress

Hello and happy Friday we made it through another week and for today's post I am doing a quick OOTD of a dress I found on Ebay.

A little while ago ASOS Curve had a fabulous lace skater dress which I saw quite a few bloggers wearing but I left it too late and they sold out in my size so I resigned myself to it being one that got away! You can imagine my surprise when I spotted one on Ebay last weekend and managed to win it for £9.00!

So here it is...

Old Boots from Clarks via  TK Maxx

I went with a size 20 and I would say it is true to size and fits well, there is loads of room for my boobs and the elasticated part actually sits on my waist rather than right under my boobs. My only slight problem is with the sweetheart neckline as you can see the top of my bra but I am not too fussed as unless you look really closely it all blends together!

I decided to try something different and dug out an old pair of Clarks boots which I found in TK Maxx about four years ago! I don't wear them very often as my feet ache after awhile but I liked the contrast with the black.

I am loving Ebay at the moment as if you have time to mooch there are some quite good bargains to be found and a fair few bits from ASOS Curve can be found!

Enjoy your Friday!!


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