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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

OMCZ #17

Hello and welcome to OMCZ #17, this week there is no set theme but the lovely Steph did suggest that one idea would be to think about those outfits that we have bought but never worn or that every time we put it on we take it off!

Since starting the blog I have become more adventurous in what I wear but there are still times when doubt creeps into my mind and I decide not to wear certain things I have bought.

So here is an outfit that for me is one I try on and then take off again!

Me having a mad moment!
 I bought this cold shoulder dress in the sale from ASOS and I have only worn it once, it was one of those moments when you see something online and start to picture how it will look but when it arrives and you try it on, its a whole different story!!

The dress is a t-shirt style so it has no real shape and is also an odd length as it is on my knee I think I would have preferred it to be slightly shorter. I also worry that quite frankly I am too bloody old to wear this, rather than channelling my inner Debbie Harry I just look daft!

The other part of the outfit that I have never worn outside the house is the trainers, I bought them back in June from TK Maxx for £20 and they are from Mustang which when I looked online they normally retail for a lot more and again at the time I loved them but eveytime I put them on I just get the feeling that they are not me!!! They have the hidden wedge inside and are suprisingly comfortable I just think they are too full on!!

So there you have it this is me pushing my own boundaries!!

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