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Monday, 9 September 2013

Plus North

So it happened I went to Plus North!!!!! What a weekend it was filled with good food, fabulous people and me pretending to be a model!

My weekend started on Friday night when I met up with everyone to go to the Red Hot Buffet, plus size lady and an all you can eat buffet= heaven!!!

Beka and the worlds smallest chairs!

I met Steph, Beka,Emma, Beth,Becky and Kaye to name just a few and to finally meet the people whose blogs I have been following and chatting to on Twitter was fantastic and I am really pleased  to say that everyone was lovely in real life.

I should also say that Beka, Emma and Kaye's husbands were all fab too and very funny!! 

After stuffing myself silly on Friday night I took myself off to bed and ready for a busy day ahead!

Daytime outfit ASOS Curve Swing Dress
I headed out and finally got to meet the fabulous and gorgeous Vicky who as soon as I saw her I gave her a massive hug and we spent most the day hanging out and modelling together.

The mighty Boof!
It didn't take Vicky and me long to find the Mighty boof and have a go, I had to wear a fez as I love Doctor Who and Vicky donned the cool glasses. Well when we went in it was really quiet and we giggled so loudly that we manged to attract quite the crowd who must have wondered what we were doing!!!

I also got to meet more amazing ladies Kathryn who was fabulous especially on the hugging and cheering front! Bee who is so cute and her lovely mum, Leah who had the most amazing jumpsuit on, Chloe, Lisa who is a total babe and Patty who is fabulous and so lovely, and loads more lovely ladies!
I did manage to go and speak to the lovely ladies at Simply Be, grab a goody bag from Yours clothing and get a £5 gift card from Evans!

Sadly I didn't take a lot of photos as I was running around like a mad thing but hopefully there will be some photos soon of all of us lovely models!

The gorgeous Evans peplum dress that I modeled on the catwalk

Evening Outfit ASOS Curve Lace Swing Dress

My partner in crime the fabulous Vicky
All in all it was a fantastic event and I take my hat off to Becky and Toni for organising such an amazing event and I am already looking forward to next years!!


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