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Monday, 16 September 2013


I am not feeling very well at the moment full of cold etc so outfit posts will resume once I feel better! To cheer myself up I have been looking back through my photos and laughing at some of the various ones that never made the blog for different reasons.

I know that the lovely Leah over at Just Me Leah does outtake posts and they always make me chuckle so I thought I would post up some pics that have just made me smile!


I have no idea why I am pulling this face I was probably saying something to hubby as he was taking the photo but I look constipated!!

Messing about in my crop top!

 I liked this photo but decided not to use it as the bottom half of the dress and the shoes were in shadow.

 This was from the Style It Saturday Post where the theme was Punk and this was my original outfit but after seeing the photos and with much giggling from hubby and me I changed my mind and wore my LSP t-shirt instead!!!

 A cheeky pose from Flash the Flesh!

 I always think I look like a puppet on a string in this photo and again I have no idea what I was doing!

Finally messing around with my head scarf!!!


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