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Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Scarf Style

Hello and happy Friday Peeps we have made it and what a week it has been I hope Friday finds you all fabulous and ready for the weekend!

As it has been a quite a hectic and at times difficult week this week I thought I would do a quick light hearted post on my new favourite thing which is to tie a scarf in my hair!!!

I know that sounds bonkers but as someone who has short hair even I like to experiment as it has been hot and my hair is in serious need of a cut I decided to try styling my hair with a scarf and here are the results from over the last few weeks!!!

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The scarf I have been using is an old skull print one that I picked up from Primark last year and I love it as it really bright so stands out against the colour of my hair.

Going for a more 70's look here I always think of Chief Brody's wife in Jaws when I wear it this way!

This was the first time I tried it on a really hot day and then Instagrammed myself - as you do!!!

I actually wore it in this style for work today as if I work on a Friday its a casual day in my office and my hair was annoying me today! The reactions ranged from being called Minnie Mouse to most of my friends at work loving the look as they haven't seen me do it before!!

The only downside of this scarf is that it is quite big so if anyone can recommend something similar that is more designed to be worn in this way I would be very grateful!

Is this a look you like to rock and if so do you have a favourite scarf?

Have a fabulous weekend! xxx


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