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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Panache Cleo Bra

Hello and welcome to my first ever bra review!!!! Now bras and me tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship in that I love them but my boobs hate them!! Its fair to say that the bra choices for us busty ladies have gotten a lot better in the last few years, as during my twenties the choice was so limited I think I had the same bra in three different colours and most of the time my boobs tended to point east and west!!

I have not had the best of relationships with my boobs over the years when I was younger I considered a reduction as I hated the look of them (sadly gravity has been less than kind over the years!) but I am finally at a point in my life where I accept them as a part of me and I know my figure would look totally different without them ( I would probably also be 1/2 stone lighter as well!!!).

What has also really made a difference is the amazing lingerie bloggers and their bra reviews such as Caroline over at Curvy Wordy and Georgina over at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust it was once I had read reviews of bras by them that I had wanted to buy that I realised that some of my much loved bras were dead and really didn't fit me at all well!

If you saw my recent Flash The Flesh post with my Panache Bikini then you will know that I am quite a fan and I have owned several of their various designs over the years but until now nothing from their Cleo range.

I was pottering about on Ebay and found a gorgeous Cleo George bra which I'm not sure if you can still buy and I decided to give it a go in a 34J as my 34HH Tango bras were starting to feel a bit small in the cup and here it is:

I love the fit and the detailing on the bra is so pretty the gore lies flat and I don't have quadraboob! The shoulder straps are thinner than those I normally have but that is great as I wont mind if they peek out from under vest tops!!

So there you have it I am no expert when it comes to bras but I love this one!!


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