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Friday, 12 July 2013



So the lovely Leah from Just Me Leah tagged me in the ABC post and yet again its time to find out more random facts about me!!

Attached or Single

Best friend?
My absolute best friend is my husband Stuart but I also have two amazing friends who I mentioned as a part of the 30 day blog challenge Georgia and Donna who I love dearly

Cake or Pie?
Since I can't answer with both I guess pie as I love savory food!

Day of Choice
It has to be Friday as this is usually my day off from work and well its Friday!

Essential Item
I can't go anywhere without my phone - sad I know but its like my security blanket

Favourite Colour
I love purple to the point I used to dye the front of my hair purple when I was a student!

Gummy Bears or Worms?
Has to be bears

A suburb in Birmingham

I adore Reeces Peanut Butter cups

January or July
July I hate trying to get around in the snow!

Yes one six year old son

Life isn't complete without?
My family, my friends, and of course wine and chocolate!

Marriage Date?
1st September 2012
Number of Brothers/ Sisters?
One older brother

Oranges or Apples?
Apples- oranges are too much hard work!

I really don't like slugs and snails!

The rest is silence- the dying words of Hamlet

Reasons to smile?
My husband, my son, my family, my friends and blogging

Season of Choice?
I love spring as the leaves come back on the trees and the flowers begin to appear.

Tag five people
I tag Steph Seeing Spots, Beka Bekas Stuffy Stuff, Karen Too Dull to Blog, Kaye Polished Curves and Vicky The Curved Opinion.

Unknown Fact About Me
I spent most of my childhood believing we were distant relations of Glenda Jackson- but this was not true!

I love peas!

Worst Habit
Not removing my make up properly before bed

X- Ray or Ultrasound
I have only had my teeth x-rayed which I hated so for me ultrasound although I didn't enjoy those that much when I was pregnant as I nearly wet myself a few times!

Your favourite Food
It has to be fish n chips.

Zodiac sign
Cancer- hence why I have big boobs and love food!


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