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Sunday, 7 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Hello and welcome to Day 4 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge and today the topic is my favourite quote.

Mine is 'The Rest is Silence' which is the last words spoken by Hamlet before he dies. I have loved this play since the age of 17 when I first studied it as a part of my A Level English course and was taken to see a young Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet at the RSC. Something about the play really captured my imagination and I still have the battered copy of Hamlet that had once belonged to my dad and is still covered in my handwritten notes.

So you can imagine my delight when it was announced that David Tennant was to play Hamlet at the RSC in Stratford as it combined my favourite play with my favourite actor I had to go and believe me it didn't disappoint! The memory of that play will stay with me forever.

David Tennant as Hamlet
Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet

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