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Monday, 22 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 19

Hello and welcome to day 19 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge and today I am talking about my five favourite blogs.

Now this is quite a challenge as there are a lot of amazing bloggers out there so to choose five is quite hard but here are my choices:

1.Just Me Leah
I love Leah's blog, she is honest, funny, and at times very moving.Throughout all her blog posts you get a real sense of who she is and I feel like I know her even though we have never met in real life (we hope to at some point!). Some of her posts have had me crying with laughter others have moved me to tears. I am sure that the majority of you who read this will also be avid readers of her blog but if you haven't then you must go and check her out she is fabulous (especially when she is channelling Peg Bundy from Married With Children)!!

2. Seeing Spots
Steph's was one of the first blogs I came across and when I decided to start my own she was an invaluable source of help pointing me in the right direction. I love her blog as she has a fantastic sense of personal style and again through the blog you feel like you get a glimpse into her life and that you are getting to know her, again I'm sure most of you read Steph's blog but if you don't then head over and see her.

3. Big Fashionista
Kellie runs an awesome blog with such delights as Nom or Vom on a Friday which actually led to Adam Richman tweeting her to say he thought he was a Vom!! She makes me howl with laughter if ever I need cheering up it is always her blog I turn to as she has this uncanny knack of saying what we all think but won't always say out loud!. I should also point out that she does also post topics of a more serious nature which are always well written and she is happy to debate ideas and different ways of thinking.

4.The Curved Opinion
Vicky runs an awesome blog, and she is also a lovely lady who always makes you feel welcome and takes the time to reply to comments that are left (Something which as a reader makes you feel more valued). I was very pleased to see that she has recently been given the chance to review some items for Simply Be and I like her personal style. I am also excited to say that I will have the chance to meet Vicky at Plus North in September as we are both walking the catwalk in the fashion show!

5. The Ramblings of Mrs Be Be
I think we all agree that Becky is an amazing blogger and again she was one of the first I discovered and I loved her outfits and it made me realise how much more I could wear and it was fantastic to see someone with so much confidence.

So there you have it, but I also think I should give a shout out to Kaye @ Polished Curves, and  Beka @ Bekas Stuffy Stuff who are also awesome bloggers.


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