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Sunday, 23 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of the 10 Day You Challenge and today the topic is food glorious food!

Now I love food hence why I have such fabulous curves so here are the top five foods that I love to eat

  1. Fish n Chips
 I love fish n chips for me it is the ultimate in comfort food and is also quintessentially British although I draw the line at mushy peas!

2. Chinese Food

I love sweet n sour chicken balls most saturday nights it is chinese takeaway night in our house and these are my favourite.

3. Chocolate

I love chocolate but my favourite has to be Reeces Peanut Butter cups!

4. Pasta

I love pasta and I could quite easily eat it for most meals!!

5. Toast

Such simple food but yet so comforting and always tastes nicer when someone else has made it for you!!



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