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Monday, 10 June 2013

Top of the Crops

I wandered into Primark yesterday and saw crop tops, now I haven't worn a crop top since my teenage years (yes they were in fashion in the 80's!) and I have resisted up until now but when they are £3.00 a go and you run a fashion blog well sometimes you just have to have a try!!! Whilst I was in there I also found a fabulous jersey maxi skirt for £8.00 complete with a cheeky front split again another trend I have looked at but have been unsure of what to wear with it and then it hit me maxi skirt and crop top what a combination and here is the result!

OK so I cheated slightly and tucked the back of the t-shirt into my bra as it is a quite baggy boyfriend fit!!

In this one you can see how it looks when it is loose and a bit of tummy flashing for good measure!!

Have you embraced the crop top already? Am I late to the party yet again?!!!


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