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Monday, 17 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 3

Hello and welcome to Day 3 of the Day 10 You Challenge and this time it is 8 fears.

  1. Rollercoasters- I really don't like them I am such a wimp although I love to watch other people on them!
  2. Horror Movies- I just can't watch them as even though as an adult I know its not real the bloody things still give me nightmares!!
  3. Falling over in public- This is part of the reason I nearly always wear flat shoes and not heels as I just don't trust myself to not fall over!
  4. My Bra breaking in public- this has actually happened to me and when you have big boobs its a nightmare!!
  5. Motorway Driving- now I can drive round Birmingham which is quite hair raising at times but ask me to drive on the motorway and I turn as white as a sheet!
  6. Parallel Parking- Staying with the driving theme I hate the thought of parallel parking I just can't do it and go into blind panic at the thought of it
  7. Jellyfish- When  I was small we once found a jellyfish on the beach and ever since then they freak me out!
  8. Slugs- Whenever I do any gardening I have to have gloves on just in case I come across one by accident and it gets anywhere near me! I have been known to scream if I get one on my hand!
So there you have it those are my fears!!!


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