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Friday, 14 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 2

If you missed day one of the challenge you can see it Here Day One

Happy Friday everyone I have decided to complete day 2 of the 10 Day you Challenge.

Nine Loves

  1. It goes without saying that my first loves in life are my husband and my son!
  2. My Family- I am very fortunate to have an amazing family
  3. Food- OK I admit it I love food, eating it, cooking it just food in general. There is nothing nicer than cooking a meal for someone and watching them enjoy it.
  4. Music- I always have my Ipod in the car as music always soothes my soul and life would be so dull without it.
  5. Shopping- I do love to shop which I suppose is good seeing as I run a fashion blog!
  6. TV- Bad to admit I know but I love TV I am currently re-watching Desperate Housewives and West Wing at the moment.
  7. Jewellery- For the last 8 years I have worked in the Jewellery Trade within Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, and I do love jewellery, everything from costume to high end dripping in diamonds!
  8. Video Games- Ever since my dad brought home a ZX Spectrum when I was about 9 I have loved video games!
  9. Handbags- Oh dear I sound like a right one I love handbags there is no more I can really say!

Have a fabulous Friday wherever in the world you are


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