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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Adventure time T-shirt!

Hello again time for a quick post to show the new t-shirt that had come to home with me today!! Now as you probably already know I have a six year old son so this means that I often end up watching a lot of Cartoon Network such as the Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show and of course Adventure Time! Now I have started to become quite the fan of Adventure Time and my favourite character has to be the Lumpy Space Princess or (LSP as she is also known)!.

We headed into Forbidden Planet today as I had promised Oliver he could have Jake (also from Adventure Time) and whilst we were in there I spotted the LSP t-shirts and just knew I had to have one. I chanced it as the come in S,M, and XL I got an XL which just about goes over my boobs!!

So here it is:

I am already in love with this t-shirt and have it on here over a pair of old Primark shorts and it will be perfect for the summer with a hoodie.

Here is the reason I love Lumpy Space Princess and I guarantee that you will be singing this song!!


Sunny Sunday OOTD

Hello I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Well the sun is finally shining so I have ventured out today in a fab new skirt from Peacocks to have a tootle round Birmingham.


Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Saturday Face

Hello and a very happy Saturday I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.Now anyone who knows me in real life will tell you that I have a tendency to be a bit of a disaster zone when it comes to make up (even my husband nags me about it!!) so I am trying to get better with the whole make up malarkey.

My mission started last weekend when I decided that maybe I needed some new foundation as the one I had been using (Maybeline) was probably a tad to too dark for my skin tone. So this led me to wandering around Boots in Solihull like a lost soul getting more and more confused with a multicolured hand where I had dabbed loads of different foundations on to see if I liked them!! Thankfully husband noticed a big sign advertising a new service from No7 which aimed to match you with your ideal foundation shade so I approached the sales lady and asked if she could match me. So to do this they wipe a small bit of your make up off from your jaw line then hold some weird meter to your face which tells them the right shade for you. Now I am very fair and freckled so I nearly always buy the lightest shade but no I am actually the second lightest!!

I was OK until I had to then choose which foundation I actually wanted as there were loads in the end I decided I wanted a dewy look but also with some anti ageing as lets face it I am not getting any younger these days!!! So here is what I chose:

I have now been using it for a week and I have to say I do love it and whilst it wasn't cheap I know now that its the right shade for me and I finally have the look I wanted!!
They also happened to be doing a buy one get one half price offer so I picked up a mascara as well which then meant I also got a free gift to boot!!

I have to say I love the mascara it is waterproof and rub proof ( I am terrible for rubbing my eyes when I wear make up!!) up until now I have been using Maybeline but it was quite clumpy! The free gift was a lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner and eye shadow!!

So here goes the before and after this is me just out of the shower and totally make up free and then me with all my new make up on!!!

Just for good measure I then treated myself to some new nail varnish today which is MUA in Bold Blue which was a bargain £1 and a Barry M Sequin Nail effects in White.

So there you have it I promise from now on to make a proper effort on the make up front but I still cannot for the life of me put eyeliner on my eyelid!!!


10 Day you Challenge Day 10

OK so today is the final day of the 10 Day you Challenge and today it is one picture of me.

This picture was taken six years ago and was the first ever photo of all three us, as Oliver was born nine weeks early and spent the first four weeks of his life in the Neo-natal unit. He weighed 3 1/2 lbs when he was born and in this photo he had just come home from hospital and still only weighed 4lbs 5oz!!

If you saw him now you would never believe he was born so early!! He received fantastic care from all the lovely nurses at the Birmingham Women's hospital and without their expert care he wouldn't be here today.

I have really enjoyed the 10 Day you Challenge and I hope you have too and it has also been lovely to read all the posts from everybody else who has been taking part as well.


Friday, 28 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 9

Hello and welcome to the Day 9 of the 10 Day you Challenge and today it is two songs.

Now I love music so to narrow this down to two songs was incredibly hard but I have picked the two which have the most meaning to me and are linked to the two biggest events that have occurred so far in my life.

1. The Beach Boys Then I Kissed Her
So this song basically sums up the story of how I met my husband as he really did walk up to me and ask me if I wanted to dance and 11 years later here were are now married with a six year old son!!! For that reason this is the song that we walked back down the aisle to once we were married in September of last year!

2. The Killers All These Things I've  Done
When I was in labor with my son I had my Ipod playing in the background and this is the song that was playing on the Ipod when he was born and it is also my favourite song by The Killers.

Now there are a lot of songs that hold special meaning to me and I could have compiled a huge list but for the purposes of this challenge these are two that hold the most meaning to me.


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Love from Miss Behave Necklace

The lovely Vicky over at The Curved Opinion recently held a giveaway on her blog and I was the lucky winner of a fantastic necklace from Love From Misbehave and I thought I had best do a quick post to show you all how lovely it is.

Apologies for the less than stellar pictures today but these have been taken after another long day at work and then being caught in the rain!!! Hopefully you get a sense of the size of the necklace and how fabulous it looks when worn.
This is the first item I have ever had from Love From Misbehave and I shall certainly buy some more pieces from their site.

I would also like to say thank you to Vicky for a fab giveaway and I was thrilled to win, and if you haven't already been and checked out Vicky's blog then I suggest you do as she will make you more than welcome.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 8

Welcome to day 8 of the 10 Day you Challenge which today is three films.

Now narrowing this down to just three has been really hard but here are my final choices

1. The Breakfast Club
 This was the first John Hughes film I ever saw and due to my age at the time (I think I was about 16/17) it really struck a chord with me and I loved it. I still love this film now and I just wish that they still made teenage films like this or is that just me being nostalgic!!

2. Some Kind of Wonderful
Again another John Hughes film and I loved this one as the main female lead was a tomboy character with short hair. For most of my childhood and even into my teenage years I was always a tomboy so to have a film where the tomboy girl gets the boy was a revelation to me. I still watch this film now and I still love it.

3. Ghostbusters
I loved this film and nearly drove my mum mad watching it over and over, it really captured my imagination as I was about 10 when this came out and it is a film that you can watch now and it is still great and my six year old son now loves it!.

If I could I would have also included such classics as Star Wars, Tron, Indiana Jones and of course The Goonies as these were the films that I grew up with!

What films do you love and can watch time and time again?


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Totally Tuesday OOTD

Hello I realised I haven't done a little work OOTD for awhile so I thought I had best do one today! Now this dress has been featured on the blog before but this is the first time I have worn it to work so I decided it should have another outing!!!

This is one of my many Primark Midi dresses and they have quickly become a favourite of my wardrobe especially for wearing to work in the warmer weather as they are really comfortable and easy to wear. Now I have to admit that I am wearing shapewear under the dress in these photos and that is just to smooth out my lumps and bumps!!!

PS please also excuse my dodgy looking skin and hair these photos were taken at the end of a very long work day!!!

Is anyone else a fan of the midi dress trend?


Monday, 24 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 7

Hello and welcome to Day 7 of the 10 Day you Challenge and today it is 4 books.

1. The Scarecrows by Robert Westall

Now I first read this book when I was a teenager and I loved it and have read it more times than I care to remember since then. Somehow it became my security blanket book that whenever life was becoming too much I would sit and read it to escape for awhile.

2. The Vanished Man by Jeffrey Deaver

I bought a copy of this book in a charity shop to read on a holiday many years ago and I was hooked from the first page onwards! The story is about a serial killer who uses magic tricks to kill people and again this is a book that I have read and re-read quite a few times!

3. Fifty Shades of Grey
OK so I was unsure about adding this one to the list but then I thought why not!! I have read all three books in series and whilst it isn't the most clever of prose there is something about the storyline that captivated me (and no not just the sex!!!). What struck me about this book was that everyone was reading it and reading it openly in public and of course we all knew what the book was about!! I must admit that by the third one I started to skip some of the sex scenes as it grew repetitive but ultimately I liked it for the love story and romance (its the old romantic in me!!)

4. Hamlet- Shakespeare
Whilst this is a play rather than a novel I still wanted to include it as of all of Shakespeare's plays this is my absolute favourite. I first studied it at A Level where I got the chance to see a young Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet and then studied it again during my degree. I was even lucky enough to see David Tennant as Hamlet at the RSC an experience I shall never forget.

So there you have it and as you can see I like quite a diverse range of books and if I could I would have listed more as I love to read!!



Sunday, 23 June 2013

10 Day You Challenge Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of the 10 Day You Challenge and today the topic is food glorious food!

Now I love food hence why I have such fabulous curves so here are the top five foods that I love to eat

  1. Fish n Chips
 I love fish n chips for me it is the ultimate in comfort food and is also quintessentially British although I draw the line at mushy peas!

2. Chinese Food

I love sweet n sour chicken balls most saturday nights it is chinese takeaway night in our house and these are my favourite.

3. Chocolate

I love chocolate but my favourite has to be Reeces Peanut Butter cups!

4. Pasta

I love pasta and I could quite easily eat it for most meals!!

5. Toast

Such simple food but yet so comforting and always tastes nicer when someone else has made it for you!!



Saturday, 22 June 2013

Birthday Treats

Hello and happy Saturday, it was my birthday yesterday (38 Ssshh don't tell anyone!!) and my lovely husband took me out and treated me to some lovely new clothes!

First stop was Primark where I picked up a fabulous body con dress for £10.00 along with some other bits and then onto Debenhams where he treated me to a Henry Holland biker jacket which had been reduced from £70.00  to £31.00 woohoo so here they are.

The jacket I have wanted for ages but it was too pricey so when I saw it on the sale rail and in my size I had to have it!! The dress I love and I am really pleased with the neckline and arm holes as just for once the side of my bra doesn't show which is a problem I have with a lot of dresses and tops due to the cut of my bras being much higher.

The shoes are from New Look and I actually wore them yesterday to go the pub for tea with my friends and managed really well in them which is amazing for me!!

I was a bit dubious about doing a blog post about this dress today as I have been out for a pub lunch today but I shoved on some shapewear and just hoped for the best!!!

Shop the post
Jacket Debenhams  
Wedges New Look

I hope you have a  fabulous weekend



Thursday, 20 June 2013

Evolve Magazine

Evolve Magazine

OK so I may have a done a bit of a daft thing! Evolve Magazine are currently running a competition on their Facebook page to find someone to be on the front of their magazine so I decided to submit my photo!!!!

So if you think I am worthy of being on the cover then please follow this LINK and scroll down to find my photo and like it those with the most likes will then be entered into the final!!

Now I probably have zero chance as there are professional models on there but hey sometimes you just have to try!!!

Anyway thank you to anyone who has already liked my photo and thank you in advance to anyone else who does it is greatly appreciated.



Casual and Comfy OOTD

Hello its Thursday so for me its a casual day, and as most of you know I love my skinny jeans but even I have days when I don't feel like wearing them and when that occurs I reach for my lovely Dorothy Perkins Wide Leg Jeans and a comfy t-shirt.

Cheeky Selfie!!

I picked these jeans up in the sale a few months ago and they are great to throw on with some converse a t-shirt and hoodie for days when I just want to be causal.

T-shirt - Primark from Last year
Trainers - Converse



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