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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Time for a Change

Happy Saturday everyone hope you are all having a great day wherever in the world you are.

I decided it was time for a change of hair colour, now I am naturally blonde (not hard to believe when you see the amount of blonde moments I have!!), but as I am getting older my hair has been starting to get darker. Last year I had a total change and dyed it ginger and this has slowly been fading over the last few months and my more natural hair colour has crept back.

I finally got round to buying a dye today and hubby very kindly dyed my hair for me - he is very good!!!

So here we go:

So this is the one I used!!!

As you can see it is very very blonde but I like it, and it has made my hair look thicker as I have very fine hair but lots of it!!!!
Sorry for the quick close up shots but as I was wearing an old t-shirt and joggers I didn't think you want to see that!!

Even my six year old son liked it!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day


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