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Thursday, 2 May 2013


image courtesy of Kaye @ Polished Curves

Following from my Me, Myself and I post I thought I would do a little retrospective of how I have looked over the years as most of you will only know me as I look now (a tired looking nearer to 40 than 30 lady)!!!

Without much further ado here we go!!

This is me somewhere between the ages of 2 and probably about 6!! I was tiny hence my dad always calling me Titch, and it was a running joke in our family that whenever we went to the cinema everyone had to put their bags on my seat to hold it down as my bum was too small!!  As you can see even at this age I loved chippy chips!

Moving on this is me during my teenage years, now before you all laugh I should point out that these photos were taken during the late 80's into the early 90's and that my bermuda shorts were the height of fashion!! Also check out my lovely crimped hair in my final school photo that took me hours to perfect in the morning!!!

This was my student days at Chester Uni where I spent a very happy three years. It was just as the britpop explosion was happening so I had loads of Oasis, Pulp and Blur t-shirts!!!

Finally my post university life starting with my worst ever hair as I decided to have it permed!!!
My 20's were partly spent still living in Chester and during this time I started to gain weight and lose my confidence. Bearing in mind clothes shopping for plus sizes was a lot more limited you choices ranged between Etam or Evans who mainly sold wide baggy trousers and tent like tops which hid my figure! I can still remember being so excited when I discovered New Look's Inspire range in their Liverpool store for the first time!!

Looking back through these photos I can see how much I have changed over the years and of course I have the addition of my lovely son in the last set of photos.
I am hoping that by writing this blog I am becoming more accepting of who I am, how I look and my life in general. I am trying to be more confident about what I wear and embrace the parts of my body that I have hated over the years and I am certainly not going to grow old gracefully!!

Hope you have enjoyed a look back over my fashion lows and highs (mainly lows!!!) and remember to always be fabulous.




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  2. I think short hair suits you best of all. x x

    1. Thank you xx and yes I agree I am much happier with my hair short xx


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