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Saturday, 25 May 2013

My favourite Jeans

My kingdom for a pair of jeans!!! This is often the thought that crosses my mind whenever I go shopping for a new pair of jeans well its more like my kingdom for a pair of jeans that actually fit me! Since discovering skinny jeans a few years ago I have been a convert ever since but up until now I had still yet to find a pair that I truly loved and believe me I have bought a lot of jeans over the years!!

The pair that have won me over are the Bailey Ultrastretch Super Skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I only tried them on because they were offering money off at the time and I thought well why not and I love them so much I have even bought a second pair!!

My reason for loving them- its simple really they actually fit no longer do I have a baggy bum or baggy knees!! Because they are stretchy they move with you and are really comfortable to wear and fit over my tummy so no dreaded muffin top!!!! They also get the thumbs up from hubby (some days its like living with Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah all rolled into one in my house!) as he is always on at me to wear proper fitting clothes!!

If you do decided to try them then I would recommend sizing down one size as they are very stretchy I bought a 16 whereas elsewhere I would be in an 18.

So here they are:

This is why hubby likes them!!!

If you want to try them for yourself here is the link Dorothy Perkins  and they have just been reduced to £20.00!!



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