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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Me, Myself and I

(Image courtesy of Kaye @ Polished Curves)
Well seeing as I have accepted the challenge to do a post every day throughout the month of May I thought where better to start than by telling you a bit more about me!

  1. My full name is Nicola but I never use it unless it is for something official, I am known to everyone as Nikki or Nik, and occasionally Nixter and even Nickers!
  2. I am originally from Somerset, and very proud of my roots and always try to drink Somerset cider!
  3. I am a self confessed shopaholic, this became even more apparent on a previous post when I realised that I actually own 16 cardigans!
  4. My favourite thing about myself is my hair.
  5. I got engaged to my husband two months after meeting him, but it took us 10 years to actually get married!
  6. I am quite geeky at heart and do like my video games, and love nothing better than playing Final Fantasy X and X2 I even cried at the ending of Final Fantasy X! 
  7. Staying with the geeky theme I also love Doctor Who (both the classic and the new series).
  8. I hate mushrooms and think they are evil and also mayonnaise which means buying sandwiches from shops is a total nightmare!
  9. My all time favourite film is Some Kind of Wonderful (I am an 80's girl at heart). 
  10. Even though I am nearing 40 my dad still calls me Titch!
So there you have it a bit more about me, I hope you will continue to join me throughout my adventures in May who knows what I will find to blog about!!

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