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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Wedding Fever

I was lucky enough to finally get married last year (after 10 years, one child and mortgage!) and I was quite calm about most of the preparations apart from when it came to the subject of my wedding dress!
As most brides will tell you the dress is often the most crucial element of the day as all eyes are on you and for most of us it is one chance to wear the dress of our dreams.
As soon as we booked the wedding date I started to diet and eventually managed to lose two stone before going to look at dresses for the first time. Even with the weight loss I was still very nervous as I still had a large bust (34J) at the time and was worried that most of the dresses would get anywhere near me. I had heard from various wedding forums that most stores only carried sample gowns in smaller sizes and I had visions of the staff looking exasperated as I tried dress after dress that wouldn't fit and I would be in tears!!

My one stipulation for the dress is that I didn't want a strapless one as I knew it just wouldn't work due to the size of my bust and also the fact that time and gravity have been less than kind! I didn't want to spend my whole wedding day in a panic that my dress would give way or that I would be tugging at it in a most unlady like way! I scoured the internet and did start to come across more dresses with straps but they were still few and far between I could feel my heart start to sink.

I booked myself an appointment with Berketex Brides in Birmingham and took my mum with me, as soon as we crossed the threshold of the store I knew I had come to the right place. The lady who looked after us was fantastic, I explained what I wanted and she left us to browse and select some dresses to try. To my delight I found three that were the sort of style I wanted and asked to try them on. Out of the three I tried only one wouldn't go on due to the fit of the dress but it was the final one that I fell in love with as soon as it went one. I didn't need to worry about it being too small as they fitted a modesty panel into the back so I could show my mum without hanging out the back of the dress!! I knew I had made the right choice when my mum looked like she was going to cry as I came out from behind the curtain!!

I really didn't think I was going to find it so easy to get a dress that fitted me and the alterations were amazing they fitted loops under the straps for me to stop my bra straps from showing and even tightened the arm holes so the sides of my bra didn't show. I felt fantastic in the dress and had amazing compliments on the day. In fact it so was so comfy I even managed to do some Zumba routines at the evening do!!!

I just wish I could wear it every weekend maybe I might put it on to do some housework!!!



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