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Friday, 22 March 2013

Potty about Peplums

I am firm believer of the "just because it is in fashion does not mean you should wear it" line of thought but sometimes this can leave me wearing the same types of outfits and not being as experimental as maybe I could be. So this leads me to the subject of the current Peplum trend, one I thought would have to pass me by whilst I stubbornly stayed in my trusty oversized tops. I always thought that as a busty lady they just wouldn't suit me.

So imagine my surprise whilst shopping in Dorothy Perkins for yet another pair of skinny jeans (my eternal quest to find some that fit properly) I spotted a peplum top on the sale rail in my size so I thought what the heck I'll try it on. 

Far from looking like the total horror that I thought it would it was very flattering and hid the wobbly tummy that I hate so much and go to great lengths to hide at all times! So yes I admit it I am now officially a convert to the Peplum trend, but the only downside is it is one more thing for me to add to my already bulging wardrobe!


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Bag by Guess (did I also mention my handbag obession)
Shoes from Primark- last year.

Dorothy Perkins - Jeans Superskinny
Dorothy Perkins 



  1. I love this top, i'm still having mixed feelings about peplums. I own 2. love one hate the other. maybe i need more :0)

  2. Thank you and yes I know what you mean I currently only own this one as I have yet to find another one that I really like and that looks good oh well excuse to go shopping!!


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