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Monday, 25 March 2013

OOTD- Today's Work Outfit

I am fortunate that my place of work doesn't impose a strict dress code on us, as long as we are neat and tidy and well presented they are happy.

When I was younger I would never mix my casual and work wear outfits they always had to be completely separate, but as I have gotten older my outlook on this has altered.

A staple of my work wardrobe is leggings and boots, teamed with either tunic tops or dresses during the winter months, so today I decided to go slightly out of my comfort zone with a skirt I recently purchased from Primark.

It was a total impulse buy as I suddenly decided I wanted a skirt, although I had no idea what I would wear it with at the time. I got it home and tried it on ( I can't be bothered with the changing rooms at my local Primark) and was adamant I wasn't going to keep it as I just didn't think it suited me, so I shoved it back in the bag and promptly forgot about it until this morning.

I dug it back out and thought I will just try it with a vest and cardigan over the top and once on it looked better than it had before so I went with it!

Let me know what you think was I right to keep it?


Skirt from Primark
Owl print circle scarf Primark
Cardigan Peacocks Peacocks Cardigan
Leggings Peacocks
Boots Primark (I love these boots)
Vest from M&S
Owl necklace Primark

My fave boots


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