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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Hello October

Hello again I know it has been awhile since I last posted and it is now October, season of falling leaves, hot chocolate and of course Halloween!

As the seasons change so do my outfits and I wanted to share with you all a fab pinafore dress that I nabbed in Primark (they have a brilliant selection of them at the moment).

Even though I am 43 I still love a good pinafore dress as it reminds me of the navy blue cord one I used to wear when I was small (even then I loved them and that was alot for me as  I hated dresses when I was very young!!).

So firstly it has pockets- POCKETS all dresses should come with pockets! It is a lovely soft cord and doesn't feel restrictive when you move or sit down and I am pleased to say the buttons don't gape. I went for a size 20 and it has plenty of room I could have sized down but I have to fit my top half in and as you can see the bib doesn't really contain my boobs but then that is to be expected!!

I also picked up a top to go underneath which was a bargain £5 in an XL (they have new sizing and it is worth a look as some of the pieces are very generous in size). I have avoided these types of tops for years but took the plunge and I am glad I did!

Even my tights are Primark (100 denier) this year they seem to be much better made and don't fall down and are super long and very comfy and at £2.50 a pair well worth a try.

My trainers are from Everything Five Pound earlier this year and are so comfy for the price!

Have you found anything good in Primark lately- let me know!


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